Our Story

Hein von Lieres, Sonja Barlow & Christine Cooper completed their articles of clerkship together at a law firm based in Cape Town. In 2002, they decided to branch off to begin their own journey by starting up a young dynamic law firm.

Since then, the firm has grown from strength to strength and has become a reputable law firm in its own right, known for its excellent service and its personalised attention to its clients.

Our People

The professional members of our firm are well versed in the academic principles of the law, in a wide range of legal disciplines, and are experienced in the practical application of the law. This allows us to provide advice that is not only tailored to a specific issue or transaction, but is also innovative and efficient.

Our Approach

We endeavour to combine our legal expertise with a practical down to earth approach, to anticipate obstacles, seize opportunities and ensure that cases are resolved or that transactions are executed in a swift and cost-efficient manner. We are well recognised for our personable nature which has enabled us to develop a strong base of long standing clients.

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