Estate planning

Mar 10, 2021

Losing a loved one is always traumatic but it doesn’t have to be an administrative nightmare.

By following these simple steps now, you can assist your loved ones once you have passed:

  1. Have your will drafted by a professional and ensure it is properly dated, witnessed and signed.
  2. Update you will regularly, especially after any substantial changes in your assets, or after a divorce.
  3. Ensure that your original will is kept in a safe place, preferably with your attorney or accountant, and that your family members know who to contact in the event of your death.
  4. Keep a record of all your policy and membership numbers in respect of your medical aid, insurances, investments, retirement annuities etc. If possible, this should be kept together with your will.
  5. Keep a record of all your passwords or pin numbers in a safe place (including that of your cell phone, online shopping apps, online medical and insurance profiles, social media accounts etc.).
  6. Keep a record of all your financial liabilities including details of your home loan, car finance, credit cards etc.

Article by: Nevashni Moodley