Feb 18, 2020

Article by: Nevashni Moodley

We know divorces can be emotionally taxing to say the least. Over and above the turmoil and distress it can cause to the family unit, it can be a daunting exercise to navigate the legal process on your own.

Our passion for family law and experience in the field has enabled us to master the skills involved in negotiating problematic settlements, dealing with matters in a compassionate manner, being mindful of ever-increasing legal fees and ensuring the best interest of minor children are always at the forefront.

If you are unable to afford a legal representative, we also offer a DIY divorce option. For a fixed fee we will prepare your legal documents and provide you with a step by step guide to finalising your divorce by yourself.

Contact one of our family law attorneys for a 30 minute consultation free of charge and we will walk you through the process involved.